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ATTN: Field hockey, Lacrosse and Softball Players

Introducing the IRISH Sport of CAMOGIE, coming soon to a field near you...

No experience is necessary.  We provide the sticks and skills, you bring your passion for sports

Come on out to CAMOGIE 101, April 22nd at 3pm, location TBD

What is Camogie (Ka-Moe-Gee)?

Camogie is an ancient Irish sport that is one of the fastest field games in the world. In Ireland this sport dates back to 1904, when Cumann Camogaiochta na nGael was founded to promote Irish sports for women. In Ireland, there are 15 player on each team, in the US, it ranges from 13-15 player-a-side.
In the states, teams are mostly limited to areas of dense Irish immigrants
  1. Washington DC: Gaels- founded 1999
  2. Boston: Eire Og and Emerald Isle- founded 1977 and 1984
  3. New York: Naomh Padraig- founded 2003
  4. Milwaukee: Clash-founded 2001
  5. Chicago: St. Mary's and Limericks
  6. San Francisco- Shamrocks
It is based on the men's game of hurling, and Americans can appreciate camogie as a wacky combination of field hockey and lacrosse.
Players use sticks called hurleys (hurls) and small leather balls called (sliotars)
To move the ball down the field a player may:
  1. Hit (Puck) the ball on the ground (like hockey) or in the air (like lax) to another player
  2. Catch it in your hand and kick or hand pass it to another player
  3. Balance the ball on your hurl (like an egg on spoon race) while running down the field
  4. You can not pick the sliothar off the ground with you hand!

The goal is similar to American football uprights, with a soccer net underneath the cross bar. Points can be scored in 2 ways:

  1. Over the cross bar is 1 points
  2. Under the cross bar is 3 points

A game score might read Washington DC Gaels (3-4) vs Eire Og (1-4), the Gaels won this game because they got 3 goals (9pt) and 3 points, a total of 12 points, and Eire Of got a goal (3 pt) and 4 points, so 7 points total.

Who we are:

The Baltimore Camogie Club is brand new, being started with the help of Lucy Prendeville, Liana Rose Clerkin and Joanne Watson. Lucy and Liana are sisters who have played camogie in DC, and started the club in DC under the orders of their Irish granny. The DC camogie team has about 20 active players and was crowned Junior Camogie Champs in 2004 in a double overtime game in Colorado against the Milwaukee Clash. Joanne Watson is our coach and played camogie in her hometown of Philly in the 1980s and 1990s, she is excited to be involved bringing the sport she loves to Baltimore...

Washington Post review of the Washington DC Gaels Camogie Team