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Coach's Corner

Let's review what we have done and where we are at this stage of the year. Our activities and preparation started back in the cold winter nights of January when the running group met weekly to run 4 miles around Baltimore city. In all we ran 7 times - totaling 28 miles - you could say we did a marathon together.

In February we began skills training at the Virginia Baker Rec. Center. We practiced our skills weekly, alternating between football and hurling/camogie. We met 10 time totaling 20 hours of skills training.

This brought us into the outdoor season. The spring league, which was played off over 4 weeks as a great success. The games were very competitive and it served as a great introduction to many players.

The Men

We also played our first game of the season on April 30th in DC. Though the result was not what we would have hoped for, the effort put forward and some of the play showed great potential.

Since then we have played Pittsburgh and DC again. We continue to improve with each game and we are now a very competitive team in our Junior division. The training sessions are a little more physical than last year, for good reason, as the National Championship Weekend will be here before we know it. Winning a National Championship is not easy and the team that wants it the most and prepares the best will win it.

The Ladies

It has been great to see many new faces this year - and a little disappointing not to see some of the familiar faces. Your display against Washington DC on June 11th was awesome. You should all be very proud to be the first team representing Baltimore to win a game. Well Done to you all.

For the remainder of the year we would like to continue practicing and recruiting. Additionally I'm sure we can get more Ladies only sessions during the summer and perhaps another game or 2 before the season finishes.


After running a marathon together, 20 hours of skills work, a Spring league, many training sessions, and some very competitive games, I would like to get each player to re-commit to your teams over the next 2 weeks. This can be done by:

Attending practice ready to work hard.


Show up on-time. Late arrival is disrespectful to the team and your team-mates.


Make time on Saturday or Sunday for a team scrimmage. It is only through match practice that we will improve.


Commit to devoting Labor Day weekend to The Baltimore GAA's quest for a National Championship.

I know that this time of year is vacation time and many of you have other commitments. However, I assure you that the players in Albany, Rochester, Portland, and St. Louis are working hard to win the Junior D National Championship.

This coming week I will be asking everybody to re-commit. The men's team will be traveling to NYC on July 16th and possibly to Upstate NY on July 31st. We will again play DC during August in preparation for our first national championship. The ladies team have the possibility of a 7-a-side next weekend and I will be asking Sarah and Martine to rally the team for that and for some more ladies only sessions. Participation will be key to success.


Tadgh Prendeville