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Charm City 9-a-side Gaelic Games Tournament June 5, 2004

Along with lots of Gaelic Football there was lots of rain. We were lucky enough to get authentic Irish weather to complement authentic Irish sports!

The games got underway a little behind schedule. The team had to erect a large canopy tent to protect us all from the rain. Thanks to Peter Hanna for his canopy - it made the tournament work.

The first game saw the Baltimore Bohemians 1 take on the Washington DC Gaels. From the onset it was clear that this game would be fiercely contested with both sides 100% committed. DC took the early lead with a point or two from play. Baltimore kicked it into gear once they became accustomed to the wet conditions and scored a text book goal to go ahead. Another goal followed quickly after for Baltimore, who held onto the lead at half time. The second half started with 2 very quick DC goals. Baltimore, now finding themselves in arrears, dug deep to get back into the game. They succeeded in winning back momentum and finished strong to win the game.

Team: Eddie McIntosh, Peter Hanna, John Fanning, Mike Lynch, Tadgh Prendeville, Damien Devlin, Aidan Jones, Jay Brooke, Kieran McCracken, Michael Ramsay, Josh Linn.

The second game pitted the Baltimore Bohemians 2 again against Washington DC Gaels. The DC Gaels put the Bohemian defense under severe pressure early in the game and raced off to a commanding lead. The experience of the Gaels players showed and they effectively controlled the game. However, the halftime break revitalized the Bohemian players and they approached the second half with renewed vigor. They won more of the ball, tackled better, and played better all round. Unfortunately, the craft of the Gaels ensured that their lead was never surrendered.

Team: Muthu Narayanaswamy, Ryan Ambrose, Patrick Graham, Owen O'Reilly, Jay Mussell, Feilim McGabhann, Isaac Shay, Mike McGill, Shawn Baird, Rick Day, Ryan King, Bilal Kerman, Peter Hanna.

The final game of the day matched the Baltimore Bohemian Ladies team against their Washington DC counterparts. A little history was made, as this was the very first football game for ladies of Baltimore. The ladies of DC are accomplished players and, just as in the men's football game, their experience shone through. The Baltimore defense held strong but eventually the Washington girls scored. In the second half the Baltimore girls played better. They won more ball at midfield, attacked the ball better, and got more aggressive in their tackling. However, the Washington ladies protected their lead well and ran out winners.

Team: Martine Eadie, Lucy Prendeville, Melissa Bell, Stacie Green , Ann Mullally, Jill Tucillo

All in all everyone enjoyed themselves. The best news of all is that 30 players from our Baltimore Club played, even in the rain! Additionally we all had a good 'ole time in Mike McGovern's Bar afterwards. This only bodes well for our future growth. Thanks to all!